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Rivers of the United States

Hi friends! I just discovered these two very cool maps and wanted to share them with you.

First up is a map of the rivers in the United States, put together digitally by Nelson Minar. For you mappers and computer whizzes, Nelson designed this as a tutorial that can be found here or by going to his Flickr account via clicking the map below. There’s something mesmerizingly beautiful about it, isn’t there?

Nelson MinarNext is a map submitted to Reddit by user Gradeskee of the rivers in the US that drain into the mighty Mississippi River.

Amazing! Thanks for reading. :)

The perfection of a snowflake.

Nothing special today, just feeling a little reflective. If you can, spend a few moments just looking at these photos. I feel in awe of the beauty and perfection that nature sometimes can produce in the midst of what seems to be chaos. Tiny bits of frozen water, suspended in time, all of their beautiful limbs so delicate and yet, when combined, so strong.

Happy Tuesday. :) (Photos via NatGeo, click on any of them to see the rest of the photoset.)

Sustainability 101: Rain Harvesting

Rain harvesting is the process by which rain (or other precipitation) is funneled into a catchment system for later use. Most people use their collected rainwater for gardens but if you’re adventurous enough, you can filter it for drinking water, bath water, or a number of other things.

In areas with any substantial amount of rain, it’s easy to collected hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. In drier climates, such as the one where I live, it’s still easy to collect several hundred gallons. (Think about that for a second – hundreds or thousands of gallons of free water!)

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What is Your Water Footprint?

If any of you are like me, you probably don’t want to know the answer to this question. Based on the adorable duck graphic below, I’m guessing the people at National Geographic knew they’d be dealing with people like me, and so they made the quiz graphically attractive with cutesy cartoons. They win.

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