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Predator Quiz

Okay friends, I need your help. All of you.

I’m developing a program on predators and I want some unbiased feedback. Throw me some answers to the following questions in the comments section. It will only take a few minutes and I would be so greatly appreciative! Pass it along to friends, colleagues, students, etc; the more, the merrier!

1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read or hear the word “predator”? (If the movie “Predator” comes to mind, that’s okay.)

2. What kind of feelings do you have when you hear or read the word “predator,” or think about predators?

3. How educated do you feel about predators in general? Have you ever sought to become more educated?

4. Do you think predators are important/beneficial, or do you think they’re inconsequential?

5. What kinds of words come to mind when you think about predators?

6. Name five to ten predators that you are most familiar with off the top of your head.

7. Do you think it’s necessary to teach kids about predators? What about adults?

8. Would you like to learn more about predators, their natural histories, and their effect on the environment?

9. Do you have hobbies or a profession that predisposes you to information about predators?

10. Do you think the media (news, movies, TV) provides an accurate portrayal of predators?

To show my heartfelt thanks, here’s a photo of a baby numbat being hand-fed. GOO.

Baby Numbat, via Click to be taken to the awesome article (and more photos!).