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[Video] Northern Goshawk (blows my mind)

Today, I feel like celebrating the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), mostly because I found this amazing video of a gloved goshawk maneuvering through tight spaces slowed down 40 times.

Goshawks are Accipiters, a type of hawk designed for fast, fighter-pilot flight and maneuverability. Accipiters don’t soar and spin in the skies the way their cousins, the Buteos (think Red Tailed Hawk), do. Instead, they use their lean body shape, long tails, and shorter, rounded wings to move quickly through the brush after small mammals and other birds. Cooper’s Hawks and Sharp-Shinned Hawks are often seen around bird feeders, hunting the songbirds that come to eat there.

Goshawks are found in the Northern Hemisphere and prefer dense forest. Cooper’s and Sharpies will hang out in less-dense forests or around meadow edges, but Goshawks love old growth. They will fiercely defend their nests by air-bombing any perceived threats, including humans. In fact, this is the only way many people get to see one!

Check out this vid. It gave me that “I heart nature” fluttery feeling for the day.

Vintage Owl Eye Candy

I’m not feeling very educational tonight, so I think instead I’ll just present you with some vintage owl eye candy. These sweet finds are all located on the awesome¬†Etsy website, one of my favorite places to piddle around when I have an extra ten minutes… or four hours. (ahem)

If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s a great site. There are two flavors of items that people can sell on Etsy: vintage and handmade. I’m always in support of vintage and handmade because both reduce pressure on the environment (vintage by reusing and handmade by reduced fossil fuels) and put money into the hands of local craftspeople (or antiquers), rather than overseas mass-suppliers.

You can search for pretty much anything on Etsy, and you’d be surprised at what you can buy handmade rather than mass-produced. You can also create a wishlist for things you want, or to use as a holiday gift list for your loved ones.¬†Etsy is a haven for fun nature stuff and tonight I’m feeling like vintage owls. Enjoy!

Vintage owl, from scoutHOME.

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American Kestrel takes a bath.

Have you ever seen an American Kestrel in rehab take a bath in a plastic tub? Now you can say you have. :) Enjoy.

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