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Roaming to the National Museum of Natural History

roam: verb - To move about without purpose or plan; to wander.

I am spoiled rotten to live so close to the Smithsonian Institution. If you’re not familiar, the Smithsonian is a group of museums, galleries, and a zoo that are located in Washington DC. I will admit with great shame that I have only visited a couple of the many locations, but the trouble is they’re so amazing that I end up returning to the same one(s) over and over.

I recently took my niece to the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), since at the end of April the Fossil Hall dinosaur exhibit will be closing for renovations – FOR FIVE YEARS. As any good auntie should be, I was panicked and made sure, come hell or more winter weather, that I’d get her there.

Now of course, being a standard 4 year old, she was only mildly interested in the bones, particularly after  overhearing someone say the phrase, “dinosaur gummies,” in reference to candy available at the gift shop. These were essentially the only dinosaurs she was thereafter interested in, but I persevered.


“RAAAR” is dinosaur for “I love you.”

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Hippo + Gerbil = ?

  + =



Three Venomous Mammals That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dispatch your enemies with no more than their keen knowledge that you possess a deadly venom? No? Oh. Well, nevermind then.

Anyway, as it turns out, there are in fact venomous mammals on this planet right now! (Which is the coolest thing you’ve learned all week and we both know it.)

via Wiki. Credit: E. Lonnon

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Evolution Awesomeness Series #4: Goosebumps, the appendix, wisdom teeth, Oh My!

Have you ever wondered why, when you get cold, the flesh on your arms and legs erupts into a sea of tiny bumps?

The answer is simple: to keep you warmer.

via Wiki

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