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Transgender Day of Remembrance

“Transgender” is a word that much of society still shies away from, but today is Transgender Day of Rememberance and I’m going to use this opportunity to educate you about some little-known facts surrounding transgender youth. These are children just like yours, and they’re in trouble. They need our help.

1. Suicide is the NUMBER ONE cause of death for transgender youth. More than 80% of transgender kids think about killing themselves and around a third of them attempt it. This number is drastically reduced when they are accepted by their families and others around them.

2. 1 in 250 kids are transgender.

3. Transgender kids are not confused; the adults around them are confused and usually project it onto the children.

4. Transgender kids are not mentally disturbed and they are not suffering from a mental illness.

5. Transgender kids are just like every other kid on the planet: curious, hopeful, and worthy of love, support, and protection.

If you don’t know what “transgender” means – or even if you think you do – or you simply want more information, I encourage you to visit TransActive, where these facts come from. Educate yourself and those around you, and help to spread acceptance and understanding in your community. These kids need our help just like any other child being bullied by peers, adults, or society.