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Today’s Lesson: Don’t mess with goose mommas.

You know how when you see a few things converging at once from a distance, you pretty much know exactly what’s going to happen? And then when it does, you can’t help but laugh? And then when you do, the person it happened to spots you laughing and you feel like a jerkpants?

So this morning I’m walking the Pudge along the river, where there’s a sidewalk and on the other side, grass and ponderosas. As we approach one corner of the path, there’s a pair of goose parents guarding their deliciously adorable little brood, all huddled on the sidewalk. Sunka and I give them a wide berth, and I look at them from the side of my sunglasses, not head-on. Momma Goose still hisses, lowers her head, and raises her wings at us. I love her tenacity and after we pass the family, Sunka and I turn back and up onto a small hill where we can watch them without disturbing them.

As we watched, a woman approached with her schmoodle (that is to say, a small froofy, fluffy dog whose breed is a mystery to me). I thought at first she would do the smart thing: make a wide berth and keep walking her tiny predator past the goose family. No such luck. She paused about three feet away from them and took out her camera phone. Whilst waiting for the perfect shot, Momma Goose lost her temper. There was hissing, wings, and the chase was given. The goose chased that little schmoodle around its human’s legs three times before the human (her own squawking mixing with that of the goose’s) jerked up so hard on the leash that schmoodle went airborne and landed safely in her human’s arms. Human ran off, and Momma Goose returned to her goslings, no doubt with a deserved sense of accomplishment.

I felt terrible after the woman caught me laughing, but.. well, you don’t mess with Goose Mommas. Especially when you have a little predator with you! There’s your nature lesson for today. :)

“Don’t mess with my momma!”
Image via naturespics on Wiki