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10 Neat & Random Things About Human Adaptation for Cold Climate Survival

Brrrr… are you guys ready for spring yet? We sure are! But since we still have a little longer in the cold, let’s celebrate more winter goodness.

As you may have read in our last post about animal winter survival methods, there are two basic types of tools for getting through extreme weather: physiological adaptations, and behavioral adaptations. For the human animal, our physiological adaptations may not seem readily apparent, and our behavioral adaptations look more like “culture.” Read on to learn ten awesome (and relatively random) facts about how we walking apes adapted to survive colder temps!

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Evolution Awesomeness Series #3: Convergent Evolution

Meet the Emerald Tree Boa and the Green Tree Python, two different species from two different genera.

Emerald Tree Boa, Corallus caninus via Wiki

Green Tree Python, Morella viridis, via Wiki

What’s that you say? Those are the same snake?

Are you calling me a liar?!

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