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Happy Halloween!

May you eat lots of candy and giggle the night away at wonderful costumes.

(Comics from the outstanding Liz Climo.)







©Liz Climo

The Magical Banded Piglet Squid

So yeah, this is a real thing.



It lives about 300 feet below sea level and is full of awesome. Read more about it at the Sea Thos Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting education and awareness of the human impact on the world’s oceans.

Shaaark! (with 3 “a”s)

Yes! More nature comics: this time, Shaaark! creator Phil Watson (Aussie surfer and shark lover) promotes the good name of sharks through comics and animation.  Loving this – check it out at Shaaark!


Nature comics for nature and science nerds

So I have a new favorite thing in the whole world, and it’s NATURE COMICS.

Bird and Moon, run by a fellow nature-lover named Rosemary Mosco, makes my wee naturalist’s heart happy. Did you know that birds have a speed fin?

Also, I’m a little embarrassed by how hard this made me laugh:



But wait! There’s more!

Rosemary isn’t just funny, she’s intelligent. I love this next one for its educational value:

Another source of smart and funny comics is Beatrice the Biologist, produced by a lass named Katie who was once a biology teacher.
I wish I had this one for cellular biology class last term. Sigh.
She’s also got a great post on copyright issues and online content. As a blogger regularly posting my own content and photos, I encourage you to read her article. I’ve heard the arguments that “if it’s on the internet, it’s free game” and even that copyright shouldn’t exist because information should be free. Yeah sure, except that people work hard to produce content and images, and when you reproduce them or use them without giving proper credit to the person who created it, you’re pretty much being a lazy poop, plain and simple. It takes literally seconds to give credit; a link, a small note, and it’s good. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to use an image or text, just credit the person who made it and provide a way to get back to the original. It’s easy, it doesn’t take long, and better yet, it makes you look more professional and responsible.  Anytime I see reproduced content with the proper credit, I’m far more likely to return to that site. So just, you know, do it.
Ooooo, burn.
(See what I did there? The sun.. burn… HA!)

Summer approaches!

Thunderheads roll, boisterous flickers advertise, frogs drawl in the night, vultures loft, and the rain falls..

..summer approaches!



[Video] Dog Sings to Sad Baby

Any ideas why a pup might resort to yodeling and submissive behavior when a baby is crying? This video is super short but it fascinates me; my dog acts like this when we play-wrestle, but with more whining than singing. Precious, hope you enjoy!

Search term hilarity.

Sometimes, the search terms recorded in finding my blog by WordPress are priceless. Do you have any good ones? Add them in the comments!

Here are a few so far.

“corn of the naturalists” Wut?  

“egg, to a naturalist” Breakfast?

“photos of small naturalist”  oh hai!

“cruisers entering lisbon” I’m almost positive I’ve never written on this topic.

“i have a fear of lake monsters” OMG!! ME TOO!!!

“hugging cacti in the snow” Sounds like a terrible idea. And unlikely.

“satanism and ikea”

“why is ikea fashionable?” If you’re asking this question, there is no help for you.

“would you feel pain getting hit by a train?”

“rattlesnake symptoms” Include inability to move limbs, heightened sensitivity to temperature, and the desire to find a warm rock.

“must nonfunctional womens wear”

“why are loners naturalists?” Excellent question.

Self control.

I have nothing useful to say today. So, I leave you with this. Which made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my sandwich.

[Video] Dog Tease

Ok, you guys have probably already seen this one a million times but on the OFF chance that ONE of you hasn’t.. I posted it. Classic story of a man teasing his dog with a discussion of food.. only this dog talks back.

(Also, this guy has created some wearable merch and all proceeds go to the SPCA in Nova Scotia. Pretty frakking awesome.)

Hippo + Gerbil = ?

  + =