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Word of the Week: Caldera

Today’s word is:


Pronounced: cal-DARE-uh

Sciency Definition: The large crater formed when the center of a volcano collapses during an eruption.

Or I could have said: Giant hole in the middle of a volcano.

What’s it do?  Calderas can form incredible lakes, like the one found at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Crater Lake was formed when the volcano known as Mount Mazama erupted and collapsed in upon itself. Over the nearly eight thousand years since the eruption, the crater has filled in with rain and snow water, creating one of deepest and clearest lakes in the world.

Example sentenceThe Old Man of the Lake has been bobbing in the waters of the Crater Lake caldera for more than a hundred years!


Aerial view of Crater Lake in the winter, by Zainubrazvi via Wiki. Wizard Island sits in the western section of the lake.


Word of the Week: Sclera

Today’s word is:


Pronounced: SCLARE-uh

Sciency Definition: The white, fibrous tissue that covers all of the eyeball except the cornea.

Or I could have saidEyeball.

What’s it do? The sclera gives the eyeballs their shape and protects them from damage when your 4 year old pokes your 2 year old in the eye just to see what happens. The muscles that control the movement of the eye also attach to the sclera, and the sclera also keeps all the important organs of the eye in place so our depth perception and focal abilities remain intact. (Did you know that eyeballs have organs?)

Example sentence: Don’t fire until you can see the sclera of their eyes!

Sclera, via Rhcastilhos on Wiki.

Weekend photo montage

As per usual, this holiday season has been busy busy buzzing for me – working, sewing for the Etsy shop, sewing holiday gifts in lieu of buying presents – it’s been fun, but am I tired. Sunka has been a good, patient pup through this bonanza of activity, so I treated him to a hike in one of my favorite spots along the river. After 3 miles he was ready for more, but the cold wind and warm sun insisted that I immediately go home and nap. I got out the old Hipstamatic for fun. Happy solstice!

Naked snowberries, waiting for quail.

Patterns in the ice found in a river boulder pothole.

My faithful explorer friend.