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Vintage Nature Illustration Wednesday – Octopus

Ulisse Aldrovandi, 16th century

Ulisse Aldrovandi, 16th century


Nature comics for nature and science nerds

So I have a new favorite thing in the whole world, and it’s NATURE COMICS.

Bird and Moon, run by a fellow nature-lover named Rosemary Mosco, makes my wee naturalist’s heart happy. Did you know that birds have a speed fin?

Also, I’m a little embarrassed by how hard this made me laugh:



But wait! There’s more!

Rosemary isn’t just funny, she’s intelligent. I love this next one for its educational value:

Another source of smart and funny comics is Beatrice the Biologist, produced by a lass named Katie who was once a biology teacher.
I wish I had this one for cellular biology class last term. Sigh.
She’s also got a great post on copyright issues and online content. As a blogger regularly posting my own content and photos, I encourage you to read her article. I’ve heard the arguments that “if it’s on the internet, it’s free game” and even that copyright shouldn’t exist because information should be free. Yeah sure, except that people work hard to produce content and images, and when you reproduce them or use them without giving proper credit to the person who created it, you’re pretty much being a lazy poop, plain and simple. It takes literally seconds to give credit; a link, a small note, and it’s good. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to use an image or text, just credit the person who made it and provide a way to get back to the original. It’s easy, it doesn’t take long, and better yet, it makes you look more professional and responsible.  Anytime I see reproduced content with the proper credit, I’m far more likely to return to that site. So just, you know, do it.
Ooooo, burn.
(See what I did there? The sun.. burn… HA!)