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Vintage Nature Illustration Wednesday – Woodland

David Goddard, 1978

David Goddard, 1978

Sustainability: Shifting Perspectives


What does that word bring up for you?

I think for some people it brings to mind eco-terrorism and dirty hippies. For me, it’s really about balance. I’m no expert in sustainable practices, but I have some pretty strong feelings about them, and since you’re unfortunate enough to be following this blog, you’re just going to have to read them.

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Mustelids RULE

Holy moly, folks. Winter brings with it low-lying clouds and I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but those low, fat clouds make my head fuzzy! I’m also fighting a bug in the lungs so thanks for coming back when I’ve been gone for so long. :) Today is about MUSTELIDS!

Mustelids are one of my favorite groups of wildlife, mainly because I think badgers, wolverines, and otters are super cool.

Mustelidae is a group of carnivorous mammals, some of which are adapted for semi-aquatic lifestyles. They feature long bodies and short legs, and strong jaws for crushing.

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In Praise of the Heron.

Recently I’ve been fascinated with the many varieties of heron and have come across some equally fascinating photos. Herons are marsh birds with long legs, long necks, and long beaks. They remind me of pterodactyls in flight and are extremely patient hunters. They stalk slowly through the shallows in search of just about anything they can fit into their mouths and down their throats – which are stretchy enough to allow some pretty big fish passage. Enjoy!

It may look like they’re having fun, but only one of them really is.

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