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[Video] Dog Sings to Sad Baby

Any ideas why a pup might resort to yodeling and submissive behavior when a baby is crying? This video is super short but it fascinates me; my dog acts like this when we play-wrestle, but with more whining than singing. Precious, hope you enjoy!

Solar Powered Dog

This post isn’t educational at all, I just needed to share these photos with you.

I live in a little nest above a garage, and a gravel parking lot separates my place from the place north of me. When I’m working in my garage-turned-studio, this is what I see if I step outside on a warm day:

No, it’s not a dead dog, it’s my dog looking like a dead dog in the gravel. You’ll notice he doesn’t really bother lying on the towel I put out there for him, which I was sure was more comfortable than gravel and dust. I must have forgotten that he’s a dog.

He lays in the sun until he’s hot to the touch, panting, and needs to seek refuge inside for a few minutes. Then he does it again. I don’t get it, but apparently he’s not the only dog that enjoys baking in the summer heat.

He better get it in while he can – the temps in Central Oregon are dropping quickly! The leaves are changing (fortunately, we haven’t yet had a big ugly frost that drops all the leaves before they have the chance to turn), the birds are singing again now that they’ve kicked all the young out of the nest, and the clouds bring us rare rain. How is autumn looking where you are?

Hiking Adventure!

Ahh, I’m feeling so relaxed from an amazing 7-mile hike I took this weekend with the pup. (No Evil Beagle this time.) Designated wilderness areas are sorely underused (although we certainly don’t want them overused) – are there any where you live?

I really would love a tracking device for my dog to see how much distance he covers in the forest. If my friend and I hiked 7 miles that day, my dog easily had to do twice that, as he has the good habit of running ahead to scout, and then running back to check on his humans.

A tired dog is a happy dog. See those ears? We call those the “trouble ears,” because he always only holds his ears like that when he’s making mischief.

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1.5 Hours at the Beach.

Today is not the day for education, my friends.

Today is a day for sharing a story. A story from the weekend. A weekend when I decided to take my dog and my roommate’s dog to the delightful sandy shores of the Western coast. Today is not a day for natural interpretation. Today is about nature being a big fat bitch.

(Which is half the reason I love her.)

Here’s how the day went.

1. Drive many hours. Arrive at beach during monsoon.

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