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[Video] What Does the Sloth Say?

You’re gonna wanna sit down for this.


Gratuitous Baby Squirrel Cuteness

A pair of rescued baby Gray Squirrels were recently brought into the nature center after the tree holding their nest was felled. These two were the only survivors and made it up to our local rehabber, who has an outdoor squirrel learning cage for just such critters.

It’s really a good thing that rodents tend to be bitey and spicey-tempered, and that they poop everywhere, because otherwise these two would have come home with me in an instant.

Have You Gotten Your Overload of Ugly Today?

If you haven’t been to Ugly Overload yet, you are seriously not having as good of a day as you could be. And who would intentionally choose to have a crappier day?

Ugly Overload features photos and [hilarious] commentary on animals that are, uh, well, not like those you find at ZooBorns. By that I mean they’re not typically cutesy, cuddly, fluffy, and otherwise goo-worthy, like a red panda cub cuddling with a stuffed raccoon, for example.

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