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Word of the Week: Crepuscular

Today’s word is:


Pronounced: crep-PUH-skew-lur

Sciency Definition: Relating to twilight, or descriptive of activity occurring during twilight.

Or I could have said: Dawn and dusk.

What’s it do? Animals, insects, fish, and all other living things that are “crepuscular” are most active during the times between day and night, a time known as twilight. (Not to be confused with that vampire movie.) Temperatures during dusk tend to be milder in hot climates, and the dimmed light provides a certain measure of cover to animals that are usually preyed upon. On the other side of it, the lower light helps predators stay under cover as well! Examples of crepuscular animals are deer, fox, many species of snake, and plenty more. One of my all-time favorite crepuscular critters are lightning-bugs (also known as fireflies)!

Example sentence: I was quite nocturnal in my college years, but now I find that I prefer the crepuscular times of day.

Fireflies in the forest, by Quit007.