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{Nature News Flash} Rare species! Oh, how I love rare species!

It’s okay, you can call me a NatGeo Nerd if you want, but I can’t repress my excitement when I see photos or stories about new/rare species. I suppose somewhere in my brain I’ve bought into that whole “We’ve pretty much discovered everything” mentality, so when something “new” pops up, I do the happy naturalist dance. These are labeled “rare,” so let’s get to the photos!

GOO! A Feather-Tailed Opposum. CanIhaddat? Researchers think that this critter’s diet may include moths and nectar!

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{News Flash} Microhyla is the Tiniest, Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

Okay, okay, I am *freaking out* right now. Look. At. This.

Microhyla nepenthicola, via NatGeo.

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