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[Video] What Does the Sloth Say?

You’re gonna wanna sit down for this.


Wildlife Rehab Diary: Godzilla the Lonely Squirrel

Many wildlife babies come in sets: five baby squirrels, two baby foxes, thirteen baby opossums, two baby bears, three baby raccoons. Often, these animals will grow up to become relatively solitary, pairing up only for mating and rearing offspring, but while they’re young, they relish each other’s company. In fact, having siblings can be extremely helpful in learning how to associate with others of your own species: you can play with them, wrestle with them, steal food from them, and get disciplined by mom when you’re having a tussle with them.

Sometimes, a lone baby will arrive at the center because he’s been separated from his family by bad weather, a well-meaning human, or some other calamity. Such was the case of Godzilla the Lonely Squirrel. Read the rest of this entry

Wildlife Rehab Diary: The Beginning

I have an itch to work with wildlife. A bad itch. An itch that tugs at the back of my brain all day, every day, day in and day out. No matter what I’m doing, I’d rather be sharing space with an animal. I’m not picky: I’d even take insects and spiders over a desk job if I was in a real bind.

In Oregon, I’d been accepted into a spectacular captive animal management program, but couldn’t procure the funds to attend. Heartbroken, I returned to the East Coast, trying my best to believe that something equally as incredible was in the making. (I’m the kind of person that believes if a thing isn’t in your best interest, you don’t get it, no matter how badly you thought you wanted it; but walking away from zoo school was a doozy.)

Fast forward six months, and a combination of coincidence and free time led me to email a local wildlife rehabilitator to see if she needed volunteers. Wildlife rehab is a world of unpaid, tireless work for creatures that will bite you, shit on you, and most likely hate you with every fiber of their being. But more importantly, it’s a world of creatures whose lives are only a passing whisper to most humans, a glimpse of what is otherwise just mystery. It’s a world of injuries and orphaning, of human-caused suffering, but of healing, resilience, and the return of a living being to its home. It’s a world of hope; fur and scales and teeth and hope. Read the rest of this entry