Vintage Nature Illustration Wednesday – Ladybugs

Carl Brenders, 1982

Carl Brenders, 1982


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  1. You always have some great images here. Are these all just from books you have?

    • Hi Chris! Some of them are from books I have, others I get from various sources across the internet. This one and the others I post by this illustrator are indeed from my collection. Others are just pages I purchase through vendors that salvage them out of thrift store books! :) Thanks for reading and commenting!!


  2. My daughter Kayla loves lady bugs! We get some here that are not just red and black, but in the winter are brown and black – or they may be different bugs altogether. I’m not sure!


    • Thanks for writing Nancy! This page was from a book published in England, which is fun because a lot of the animals are 90% similar to ours but just a BIT different, including these ladybugs! :)

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