January Tweets & Pins

Here’s the monthly roundup of our favorite tweets and pins for your perusing pleasure. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Pinterest if you like what you see!

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This trout ate a whole bunch of shrews. Wut.
Your eyeballs will love this list of beautiful moths.
A phenomenon known as ‘earthquake lights‘ may be linked to rift zones.
More than 300 sharks armed with transmitters tweet (as in, on Twitter) when they get near the beach.
The cancer-resistant and spectacularly ugly Naked Mole Rat was named Vertebrate of the Year.
An ancient tree-dwelling critter is the great grandmommy of the carnivore family.
Here’s Optimus Prime made out of gingerbread.
Flowers are blooming in New York.
Here are some animals that handled the polar vortex LIKE A BOSS.
This ancient piece of amber contains flowers frozen in the act of reproduction, giving botanists studying the origin of flower sex a reason to party.

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