Mid-Atlantic Autumn Photos

This is my first real autumn in six whole years! After living in the shadows of mountains and being surrounded by striking sagebrush oceans, I’m back on the East Coast and remembering the autumns of my childhood. They come much more slowly here, giving you the chance to breathe in the colors and textures of changing leaves and landscapes. Have you noticed how different the angle of the light is during autumn and spring? After the blazing and endless sun of summer, it’s so spectacular to me how the light comes in more steeply, sifting through branches and brightening things with a cool fire.

In central Oregon, the trees were juniper and Ponderosa Pine – they didn’t drop their leaves or change color in the fall. I forgot the simple, incredible majesty of fallen leaves and their rainbow of fading hues.



Spicebush turns a bright yellow like larch and aspen.

The warm, delicious orange of these fungi had me captivated as well.

The late afternoon light is also great for family photos! (Furry family, in this case.)







What’s autumn doing where you are? Thanks for joining me!

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