Word of the Week: Macrophyte (Formerly: Video of the Week.)

So my computer had to go into the shop for a while and after being computerless for a time, I lost a lot of my interest in froofing around on the internet for hours at a time. I kind of can’t stand watching videos online at the moment (unless it’s The Daily Show), so now for something slightly more educational:

Word of the Week!

This segment will [mildly] stretch your brain and give you completely arbitrary information that you can share at dinner parties, on the bus to work, or with your significant other when they’re not expecting it. Each week I’ll share a word and its definition, and challenge you to use at least ONCE at SOME point in the week – and then post what you did in the comments section. Or, rather, what your friend or family member did after you said it. The more absurd, the better.

Today’s word is:


Sciency DefinitionA macrophyte is a “macroscopic” (meaning that it can be seen with the naked eye) aquatic plant, emergent (rooted in soil but most of the vegetative growth above waterline), submergent (all plant matter beneath the waterline), or floating (floating).

Or I could have saidWater plants.

What’s it do? Macrophytes provide cover and forage for aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates, and supply the water with oxygen. (They’re really important.)

Example sentence: What kind of macrophytes are in this sushi?

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