Weekend Photo Montage

I recently got to go home to the East Coast for the first time in a year and was overwhelmed with joy for seeing my family! My niece has grown so incredibly much in just one year, and she’s now becoming all kinds of independent. I was able to visit with two of my three brothers and spend a great deal of time with my Momma Bird, who is simply one of my favorite people in the world (and not just ‘cuz she tells me I’m awesome and makes me food. But that’s definitely part of it).

I hope you all are having a good February. Thanks for tuning in and here are some photos from my trip home! Happy Wednesday!

My niece at the National Aquarium's dolphin tank. This pic makes my heart soo happy.

Beech trees, my old friends.

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  1. Best of luck with the job interview, how fantastic to work in a national park! Great to see you’re energetic about pursuing the passion. Action is what makes it reality, great stuff and fantastic photos.

  2. The school sounds fantastic–hope it takes off! I had a friend who was a ranger at Olympic–tho many years ago now. Here’s hoping you follow in Jenni’s footsteps!

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