Weekend photo montage

As per usual, this holiday season has been busy busy buzzing for me – working, sewing for the Etsy shop, sewing holiday gifts in lieu of buying presents – it’s been fun, but am I tired. Sunka has been a good, patient pup through this bonanza of activity, so I treated him to a hike in one of my favorite spots along the river. After 3 miles he was ready for more, but the cold wind and warm sun insisted that I immediately go home and nap. I got out the old Hipstamatic for fun. Happy solstice!

Naked snowberries, waiting for quail.

Patterns in the ice found in a river boulder pothole.

My faithful explorer friend.

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  1. Very nice shots, absolutely love the dog shots.

  2. Enjoyed the photos! Happy Solstice and Holidays! :)

  3. Yeah, I’m with the first poster–love the doggie pics! I do find the Hipstomatic so interesting…because I’m old enough to have photos in my books that look this way not-on-purpose!

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