Scrub Jay Nostalgia.

Came across some photos this evening that I don’t think I posted of the Brothers Jay back in spring before their release. These images depict some of my favorite things about birds: the tenacity they have in wanting to fly and shit wherever they please, how they must – if they are forced to be in the presence of a two-legged – sit on that two-legged’s head, and how, regardless of their lack of human-esque forms of affection, the site of two birds huddling together as they slept can warm the cockles of my little heart. Thanks for sharing this with me folks. :)

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  1. Interesting pictures! By the way, a fellow blogger of mine, New England Muse, is a big bird lover. She has a lot of birds; more than seven of them. At least five of them are parrots and one of them is finch.


    • Oh man, that is COOL! I have a serious hankering for birds now that I no longer work with them every day. I want to get some falconer’s training so I can eventually get my own bird one day – although how I’ll choose a species, I have no idea. I am pretty partial to kestrels…

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