[Video] Great White Shark Jumping

I have been totally channeling my inner 8 year old lately and can’t get enough of the wonderful world of sea creatures. Sharks, jellyfish, octopus, you name it – I’m doodling it, imagining it, crafting it in the studio.

This isn’t like the world’s greatest shark video or anything, but just phase out your monkey brain for a minute and watch this incredible predator leaping out of the water like a gymnast. When I lived in South Africa I was fortunate to get to see these creatures in real life. They weren’t leaping out of the water and they weren’t nearly as large as this guy, but I distinctly remember being in awe of their subtle beauty and the incredible, fluid grace with which they cruise through the water.

Sharks rule.


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  1. Lovely stuff. They are extraordinary creatures. I too, am fascinated by them and wish more people respected them and wanted to protect them. Your post is pertinent for us here in the Cape (South Africa) at the moment…there has been a massive increase in sightings off our coast in the past few days. As well as an attack on a hapless (stupid) swimmer who had one leg and the other foot removed. The reaction always astounds me…people get so hyped up and many want to hunt down and remove the rogue shark or put shark nets up!!! Makes my blood boil! we have the most brilliant shark spotting programme with flags and warning sirens and yet this twit swam anyway. They are endangered creatures, this is their turf, so stay the hell out of it when they are cruising around looking for fish at this time of year. Have an excellent article if you want to read more….karoline

  2. Wow. Very impressive footage. Nice and short, with a strong message, too. It’s great for sharing. Thanks for sharing it! -David

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