Roaming at Steelhead Falls, Oregon

roam: verb - To move about without purpose or plan; to wander.

This is Steelhead Falls, one of my top favorite places in Central Oregon to visit in the summer. The dog can run for hours off leash, splashing into the cold river when he gets too hot, and besides the incredible waterfall and swimming hole, you can spend the whole day geeking out on plants. In the Great Basin, some of the most beautiful places (at least to me) are those where the steppe and water meet. Rivers are the lushest places around, and just 20 feet from the bank of this river, the sagebrush and juniper take over. There are tall, ancient cliffs here where ravens and bald eagles nest in safety. On this day, an osprey circled us multiple times before landing in a tree a little ways off. Central Oregon is good fishin’, for mankind and wildlife.

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  1. It is beautiful! You are lucky to be able to take your dog off leash; two of my three would take off like a shot through the underbrush, and by the time they would be ready to come home, they would realize they were lost!


    • I totally hear you Nancy! While Sunka was young, I played hiding games with him where when he wasn’t watching, I’d hide and he’d kind of panic and wonder where I was and come find me. When we’re on walks, I still play these games with him; for some reason, he needs me to be within easy eyesight of him. It’s also handy to tie large, loud, obnoxious bells around their necks! :)


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