IKEA = Satan (but nicer and more fashionable.)

I live three hours away from the nearest IKEA.

Thank God.

This allows for two things:

1) I can’t go there more than once every few months.

2) How much stuff I can buy from there is completely dependent upon the vehicle in which I arrived. My friend’s tiny car? Just some small stuff. My car? Some self-assemble furniture, plenty of small crap. My friend’s pickup truck? Oh, lord, I feel faint.

Fortunately I really don’t need that much, and my tiny nest only permits for four pieces of furniture and all of those spaces are currently taken. But there’s always room for more small crap. And LINENS.

My favorite thing about IKEA isn’t the self-assembly products or the reasonable prices. My favorite thing about IKEA isn’t even the built-in cafeteria full of strange and mildly gross food. My favorite thing about IKEA is Swedish/Scandinavian design (simplicity with a touch of nostalgia and rustic-ness) and the beautiful textile designs. (“Textiles” here refers to any and all fabrics, including by-the-yard, pillow cases, blankets, etc.) If you’re still reading this paragraph, you may have accurately deduced that I love interior design. (That is to say, I love it, but know very little about it.)

I have a total obsession with large, bold prints, especially natural ones. Fortunately for me (or unfortunately, depending on how I look at it), IKEA designers pay a great deal of homage to botanical designs and curvy lines.

IKEA Stockholm Blad set of botanical-print curtains. *joy*

I bought these curtains last year and adore them. They’re heavy, double-layered, and when I don’t want them as curtains anymore they’ll make amazing yoga mat bags, pillow shams, and bags.

So what did I score this past trip? AWESOMENESS.

I know this duvet cover is ridiculous but.. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY

Although I’m not the biggest fan of the color combinations, the bold, happy suggestion of summer hills and sky makes me feel like a kid. Ignore that big white blotch in the middle of the bed, the light in The Nest is actually kind of terrible for photo taking (hence all the flash).

Love the silhouette plant pattern of these tins.

I’m a storage junkie.  I don’t even legitimately have anything to store in these but I found some stuff being stored elsewhere to use. They may end up in my sewing “studio” (aka the poorly-lit corner of the garage where my sewing machine and 4 metric tons of fabric live).

This tray was in a pile marked “Last Chance!” I mean, honestly, how can I say no to that?

I also love trays. They provide visual delineation on tables, counter tops, nightstands, and windowsills. They’re perfect for mail piles, which in my home tend to build up faster than I can possibly keep up with.

More tray delight!

Purple plant, purple(ish) tumbler, purple tray. SQUEE!

 Design on the another duvet cover/pillowcase set I purchased.

Again, I’m not really a big fan of so much white nor do I like navy blue, but the combination here along with the complex yet smooth botanical design makes my brain happy.

Finally, this thing:


Since I have limited countertop space up here, I thought I’d invest in a little wall storage. I purchased a simple towel-rack style pole with some hangers, and this baby will hang on that pole next to a wire mesh basket above my counters to reduce clutter. What am I going to put in them? Oh, fabric napkins, tea, utensils, plants, small children, the possibilities are endless.

Are you still reading? Because if you are.. you are awesome.

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  1. Gee, I live much closer to an IKEA than you do…and I could use a new duvet cover…

  2. ...earth-wind-fire-water-spirit...

    hi!, read your post with delight!… i’m one of your followers on twitter!, my user name is @WinterSunMaiden ~ sending big fat bubbles of love ~ light ~ laughter!, blessed be!…

  3. Love those curtains Nik..Jeff and I just bought new curtains for the bedroom last weekend after searching for a good 2 months, didn’t even THINK to look at IKEA! I’ll have to check out what’s online, there is one by mom’s house, but don’t seem to get to where IKEA is too much. :) Thanks for the post!!

  4. Ah! Love Ikea for the same reasons. I could live without the furniture (my current bedroom set is from Ikea, and falling apart after only a year) but I adore all their little knickknacks and fun stuff. I love everything you bought, so pretty!

    • Yes! Some of their bigger stuff is iffy, but I usually go to thrift stores and antique shops before I buy new furniture, mostly because of the cost (and I’m too lazy to put things together myself). But you’re right on, their small stuff and their textiles and ideas are awesome!

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