Hipstamatic Scrub Jays!

I’m not at all much of a techie, but I finally joined the nerd movement and downloaded the Hipstamatic camera app on my little-used iPod. The schtick of this app is that it basically takes photos like an old Holga, messing with depth of field, color saturation, and format, and making all your photos look like they either 1) were taken in the 1960s or 2) went through your washing machine.

I’m a photographer-wannabe so I’ve been playing with the new app this morning. It’s kinda fun, don’t you think? It reminds me of flipping through my mother’s photo albums of when she was my age, traveling through Yosemite National Park with her true love.

They’re not exactly National Geographic quality, but at least you can see the babies getting a little bigger (and the eyebrow! I love the eyebrow!). Happy happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love those pics! I looked for Hipstamatic for my phone (Android) but there wasn’t one. Fortunately, there’s a free equivalent called FxCamera. I’ve downloaded it but I haven’t played it yet. Thanks for the suggestion, love. :-)

    • Oh man, you’ll be addicted quick! I’m also using Instagram, and honestly, both apps are a pain in the ass – Hipsta takes forever to take a photo and nothing tells you how the different lenses/films produces effects, you just have to sit there and play with it forever. Instagram does not easily save photos in my opinion, so although I love the photos I’m getting, I’m not impressed with the usability of either app.

  2. That looks pretty cool I have to admit!

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