Some awesome April tweets!

There have been some superawesomeamazing tweets bubbling around so I thought I’d share some with you.

Apartment Therapy posted 25 awesome terrarium ideas, some you can do yourself and others you can purchase. This goes perfectly with my succulent addiction.

X-ray origami birdsso awesome. From the site: “‘oritsunagumono’ (translated as ‘things folded and connected’) is a collection of origami works by artist Takayuki Hori, created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to Japan’s coastal waterways.”

I love pheromones, nature-made chemicals and poisons, and the animals that use them. Check out this spectacular post at the Artful Ameoba on Bombardier Beetles, Bee Purple, and the Sirens of the Night.

This article from Matt Soniak talks about the special armor worn by harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders). Best part of the article? This line, on differentiating harvestmen from daddylonglegs and spiders: “One, harvestmen do not scare the living shit out of me and I do not need to have my girlfriend to kill any that wander into our house.” Hee!

A Mindful Carnivore is one of my new favorite blogs – it’s authored by a vegan-turned-hunter. In this post reviewing a film called Mother Nature’s Child, the author muses on the relationship between child and nature when hunting is the activity tying the two together. I’m loving this blog.

Really awesome stuff going around this week. Leave any other goodies you’ve found in the comments for all to enjoy!


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  1. Much obliged for the mention! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

    I hope you get a chance to see Mother Nature’s Child. It’s a fine and timely film.

    • Thank you so much Tovar! I’ve been addicted to your blog since finding it, as I am a vegetarian-turned-hunter-wannabe. I feel that connecting with our food in such a way provides a much better understanding of the natural cycles of life and death than avoiding meat altogether or only buying it from a disassociated market ever can. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

      • I’ll interpret “addicted” in a positive light in this case. Another ex-vegetarian interested in heading to the woods with gun or bow, eh? Welcome to the club. There are a surprising number of us out there. Maybe we should start an organization.

        If I can help you on your journey in some way, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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