[Video] Suzie Gilbert on Raptors

At the Nature Center we do a limited amount of raptor rehab. Last year we were able to successfully release three beautiful raptors after they healed from injuries. Suzie Gilbert is a passionate rehabber and this beautiful video tells a piece of her story. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in learning more about Suzie or raptor rehab, check out these two books, written by her:

“Flyaway,” by Suzie Gilbert.

“Hawk Hill” is out of print but clicking on the link will take you to its Amazon page, where you can purchase it used.

Do you have a local raptor rehab center? Post a link to them in the comments section so others can visit! Thanks for reading. :) GO RAPTORS!

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  1. Cool! Minnesota has the very awesome Raptor Center run through the University of Minnesota’s veterinary school: http://www.raptor.cvm.umn.edu/

  2. The Audubon Wildlife Care Center in Portland, Oregon is at audubonportland.org/sanctuaries/wcc

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