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How You Got Fooled into Drinking Bottled Water.

Like many things in American society, bottled water has become a symbol of two things: how easy it is to brainwash our people, and how our society completely disregards its basic necessities to make an easy buck.

Bottled water is a campaign to make money based on false information and fear. I learned so much from this little video – kudos to those who put it together! A billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean water, and did you know that a portion of our thrown-out plastic bottles ends up polluting other countries? Rude.

If you live in an area with tap water that has questionable quality or taste (I speak from experience, my homecity’s water tastes like straight up chlorine), consider investing in a faucet purifier. That way you can use a refillable bottle and get filtered water right out of the tap!

Tweets & Links

I found these two fun nuggets and thought I’d share them with you here since I tweeted them earlier today.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology did this nifty little study to see if Black-Capped Chickadees would be more interested in nesting in tubes rather than houses, since tubes better resemble their preferred nesting sites of excavated snags. The results? They way preferred the tubes over traditional bird houses! So if you’re into providing nests for your birds, especially cavity nesters like chickadees, you may be inspired to try this method out. I bet with some glue and tree bark, those PVC tubes could look AWESOME.

NatGeo did a little report on a study published in 2005 in the journal Ecology Letters that looked at why some bird eggs are speckled when the speckles provide no camouflage. It turns out that the building blocks of the speckles’ darker pigmentation acts like a glue in areas of the eggshell that are weaker from calcium deficiency. NEATO!

And this.

Taken from somewhere on ICanHasCheezburger.