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I know it’s winter. It’s just, I’m not quite ready yet.

Here’s some Prickly Pear (Opuntia fragilis species) in bloom. Can you even believe that cactus can be so beautiful?


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  1. Back in my younger years when I lived in California I had a good size Cactus/Succulent garden. I think Cacti (Succulents) are some of the neatest plants on the planet. Their flowers are spectacular and the plants themselves have such a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. Back then I certainly did not have the photographic equipment I have today. I remember I did take pics of the flowers but would probably never be able to find the photo themselves. They are long lost!

    Most people think of Cactus and Succulents are found out in the deserts – hot and dry areas. In fact, the majority grow in cool climents and many can withstand very cold temperatures. You can find some cactus out in the High Desert which gets very cold. The condition is that they must stay relatively dry and have good draining soil. In those cases they can withstand below freezing temps. I think a green house in Central OR could sustain the hardy cactus over winter with just a enough heat to keep the place right at freezing. Now, don’t attempt this with a Sugaruo cactus but there are many that could survive here with a little help.

    Thanks for another great post.

  2. Hi,
    What beautiful flowers, you wouldn’t believe such beauty could come from such a thorny plant.
    Winter is over in my part of Australia, Spring is just about finished and then it’s summer, I’m personally not looking forward to our hot summers much.

  3. I love cacti as you know…and the magic of them , is the flowers are like fairy’s dancing on their toes in places one would not expect. i ahve seen san padro cactus bloom the size of saucers in Chile. Yummy.
    Well, think winter is just outside right now….I can hear the trees talking …..winter is on its way.

  4. Beautiful Images! I have never seen cacti “in the wild”. I feel like I am missing out!!!

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