[Bird Video Series] #2: The Amazing Lyre Bird Mimic

I love David Attenborough. I will watch anything he makes, anytime, anywhere. If there is a Heaven, his documentaries play on repeat all day long. And I’m not picky – I’ll settle for things he only narrates too.

Now that that’s out of the way and you all know my secret love obsession with Sir Attenborough, on to the video. This clip is from Life of Birds, which, if you are unaware, is an amazing documentary on – you guessed it! – birds. There’s also Life of Mammals (obviously about mammals), Life in the Undergrowth (about invertebrates), and Life in Cold Blood (reptiles and amphibians). These documentaries are essentially the Planet Earths of the animal kingdom and they’re without a doubt some of the best nature documentaries ever made. Check them out, you’ll be happy you did!

This clip features a tropical bird called the Lyre Bird, which is a bird that mimics to impress mates. You won’t believe your ears when you hear what this bird can imitate…

And, now that you’ve enjoyed something educational, I’m leaving you with this one as well. At first I was highly offended by the hacking of an Attenborough clip, but, well, then I was laughing so hard I almost choked on my Poptart.

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  1. Since you are plugging “The Life of Birds” I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. This series is so amazing that I bought it. 10 episodes and each one is more amazing than the last. What this series captures on film will just blow you away. I keep wondering how the heck they get some of these shots. I have watched this series over and over and enjoy it every time. You can get it for very reasonable prices. Not only that, check out the accompanying book to the series. I found a copy for $5.00 on the web (slightly used) + shipping. I think all told I spent around 8 bucks for the book.

    • Thanks Tom – I totally agree. The whole series is amazing – have you gotten to see Life of Mammals or Life in Cold Blood? LIfe in the Undergrowth is the only one I haven’t seen yet, and I was totally blown away by Life of Mammals. Life in Cold Blood is decidedly shorter but still super cool.

      And I agree about the footage – just like in Planet Earth, I constantly found myself wide-eyed and slack-jawed, mumbling “wow!” over and over!

  2. thought to add a tweet tweet.
    Reading all you write.
    Thanks for all this….we get to learn and enjoy nature.

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