[Bird Video Series] #1: Dance of the Sharp Tailed Grouse

Sharp-Tailed grouse via Teo on Wiki.

I knew nothing of the Sharp-Tailed Grouse before catching a TV show featuring the reintroduction of a Western population and immediately wanted to share with you the amazing dance that this bird puts on during the mating season. In fact, I’m so excited about little-known bird behavior right now, I think this week will be a series of fun bird videos – check back for all five!

Sharp-Taileds are in trouble due to habitat loss and this little clip from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources does an excellent job of showing the mating dance. Other videos have poorer sound and I really wanted you to hear the sound of the foot-stomping that they do. I’ve never seen anything like it; it’s so fast you don’t even realize that the grouse are making it! Enjoy.

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  1. I saw Sharp-tailed Grouse dancing on a lek in North Dakota. It was from quite a distance so we never heard the calling. I got two digiscoped pics but they are not very good pictures. The dance was very cool and I did catch the show on OPB the other night.

    Another great post from the Roaming Naturalist. Thanks.

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