Link Love and Tweetles

How about some links and fun Twitter-pated geekery? Check it out! :)

Browse the 2010 Gallery of photos entered for NatGeo’s Photography Contest. (Warning: you could spend up to an estimated time of three months looking through these galleries.)

So, what you’re saying is, I could have avoided all that mathematically-induced PTSD if the nuns had just given me a little cattle prod every morning after prayers? Huh. Shit.

Ed Yong is one of my favorite bloggers and this past week he posted about one of the world’s tiniest frogs, which also happens to be highly poisonous. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know where the toxins come from – super cool.

The Frog Blog reports on fossils so tiny they can be clustered together on the head of a pin! (Yes, obviously I am geeking out right now.)

First it was in our plastic water bottles and now it’s in.. receipts?

And I’m finishing with gratuitous cuteness: baby otters learning to swim.

Have an excellent day everybody! :)

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