Fall Photos, Last Batch




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  1. Great photos … makes me sad that I have to spend the weekend in the office.

    • Haha! Sorry to hear that Bryan. :) At least you get to hang out with cool serpents, which is something I can’t say I get to do very often. I could send you an envelope of dead leaves if that would make you feel better? You could sprinkle them around the floor of your office! :)

  2. Aw Cait, you’re a doll. :) I haven’t been out with my camera in so long that I was a little worried that I forgot how to use it, so thanks for the great compliments!

  3. great colours in your compositions!

  4. Delightful images! I’ve been away for a bit so it was a nice welcome to get back home and see the wonders of autumn celebrated here! Thanks…

    • Thanks Julian :) I realized that last year we didn’t have a fall, and that’s one reason I was so grumpy all winter! About mid-October last year, we started getting killing frosts and snow dumps – so none of the leaves had the chance to turn, and there weren’t any brisk, breezy days with pregnant clouds and dramatic lighting. This year we’ve only had one heavy frost/snow so far, but apparently it wasn’t enough to pull all the leaves down. I feel like I’ve been walking in a constant dream, between the gray clouds, shafts of light, and the burning colors of the deciduous trees. I feel so lucky this fall, and I’m glad I had a quick chance to record the splendor on film. Thanks for stopping by to see the photos, you’re a dear! :)

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