Fall Photos, Batch 1

I finally got outside with my camera and took a few fall photos, which I find to be highly reparative for the soul. If you’ve been outside enjoying this fleeting season with your camera too, leave a link to your photos in the comments section.

From a distance, Rabbitbrush is a pretty nondescript plant. But up close…

The very end of the gorgeous golden blooms of the Rabbitbrush shrub.

Manzanita has such simple, beautiful leaves, and although it never quite comes through the way I want in a photo, the way this autumn light strikes the leaves and creates shadows is mesmerizing.

Golden Currant goes slowly, delivering a breathtaking show of greens and reds.

Willow is an unexpected champion of changing colors. Indeed, like aspen, the entire tree turns yellow like a burst of wildfire.

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