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Even though winter is a hard time for me (the long, dark hours make it hard to do anything but sleep and read books) – like a lot of people – autumn possesses some very real magic. What I notice the most is that the increasingly sideways position of the sun casts a beautiful slanted light onto everything, and some days it feels like a perpetual sunset.

Besides that, the colors that come through in deciduous plants is breathtaking and if I’m not careful, I go driving off the side of the road, entranced. Big fat clouds, sometimes thick and dark with rain, roll through, creating a drama of light that is unparalleled in any other season. I’m not very good at capturing it on (what we used to call) film, but I give it my best. (And then completely oversaturate everything post-process, really, so that it will match how I see it in real life: full, deep, and rich.)

Few things scream autumn like the fire of an aspen tree against a blue sky.

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  1. I’m enjoying your beautiful photos of fall and seeing the different colours, patterns and plants where you are. I see you’re reading Farley Mowat, I love his books, and remember really liking Never Cry Wolf. Hang in, we’ll get to spring again…after much book reading :)

    • Thanks Cait, sometimes I forget that just getting outside with my camera is the point – not producing the perfect image. I’m pleased with how a few of these turned out, I just need to stop being so lazy and anti-cold, haha! I’ve only read one other Mowat book and this one has been a little dense to get into, but I’m powering through until I get to the part about the wolves. His humor is just spot on though, I’ve found myself laughing out loud a couple of times already.

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