In Praise of the Heron.

Recently I’ve been fascinated with the many varieties of heron and have come across some equally fascinating photos. Herons are marsh birds with long legs, long necks, and long beaks. They remind me of pterodactyls in flight and are extremely patient hunters. They stalk slowly through the shallows in search of just about anything they can fit into their mouths and down their throats – which are stretchy enough to allow some pretty big fish passage. Enjoy!

It may look like they’re having fun, but only one of them really is.

Snake grabs fish. Heron grabs snake. Heron gets two meals in one.


I’ve seen baboons doing this when they don’t want to get more wet than they need to. Just kidding; this Tri-Colored Heron is shading the water so he can see the fishes.


Heron Ninjas?! Great Blue Herons hunting in a marsh. I think this photo is so beyond cool. It looks like they’re dancing. Dancing Heron Ninjas. (Anyone need a band name?)



Sun worshipping.


That’s a big fish for such a little bird!


Is it a dinosaur or a bird? Ooo, how about both!

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  1. Hi,
    Absolutely magic photo’s, how good is the photo with the lizard jumping, took just at the right moment, also love the photo with the snake, really shows wildlife in true form.

  2. Great photos! Love them all. But is that first bird a heron, or a great egret? Well, I guess they’re both in the same family, eh?

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