{Nature News Flash} Rare species! Oh, how I love rare species!

It’s okay, you can call me a NatGeo Nerd if you want, but I can’t repress my excitement when I see photos or stories about new/rare species. I suppose somewhere in my brain I’ve bought into that whole “We’ve pretty much discovered everything” mentality, so when something “new” pops up, I do the happy naturalist dance. These are labeled “rare,” so let’s get to the photos!

GOO! A Feather-Tailed Opposum. CanIhaddat? Researchers think that this critter’s diet may include moths and nectar!

Original Article & Photoset: National Geographic, October 6 2010.

Double Goo! Love this guy, a Tube-Nosed Bat. He eats fruit.


Brown Katydid. You may need to take a second look at this photo to see that his legs are extended into the upper right hand corner of the image. Whereas most katydids use camouflage and “startle displays,” this guy will kick you in the face! Ninja Katydid!


This wee amphibian has a pointy nose and a cricket-like call. And I love him. I want to kiss him and hold him and…er…I mean, I’m totally professional.

(contented sigh) Sometimes all I need in life is a few photos of rarely-seen animals. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! :)






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