Hiking Adventure!

Ahh, I’m feeling so relaxed from an amazing 7-mile hike I took this weekend with the pup. (No Evil Beagle this time.) Designated wilderness areas are sorely underused (although we certainly don’t want them overused) – are there any where you live?

I really would love a tracking device for my dog to see how much distance he covers in the forest. If my friend and I hiked 7 miles that day, my dog easily had to do twice that, as he has the good habit of running ahead to scout, and then running back to check on his humans.

A tired dog is a happy dog. See those ears? We call those the “trouble ears,” because he always only holds his ears like that when he’s making mischief.

This adventure was into the Three Sisters Wilderness in the Cascade Mountain range, up to Mirror Lake. It was an arduous uphill hike for 3.5 miles, but the lake was lovely and the dogs were having a righteous time. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this, but man, when my dog is happy, I am super happy.

Nothing better than TWO tired dogs!

Mushroom season always gives me surprises, like this green guy.

The only thing I’m bummed about is scat. We found this enormous scat composed entirely of mule-deer hair, and I didn’t take a stinking photo. I let my fear of nerdom get the better of me and am regretting it now! Pretty sure it was cougar; way too big for coyote and too thick of a forest for coyote, and I’m betting we don’t have wolves around. It was pretty awesome to know cougars were on the prowl, but I definitely kept a closer eye on my deer-colored dog!

Name that mycotrophic wildflower! Okay, I give in, it’s pinedrops.

A swimming hole!? Right HERE! Being a dog rules!

When autumn rolls around in coniferous forests like this hemlock forest, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see those sneaky deciduous things turning gorgeous colors. It reminds me of a little forest fire and I could look at it for hours.

Low-growing shrubs. The light was really beautiful that day.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Nice photos!! I recently “discovered” a nature center close to my house, and I’ve taken two trips there in the past couple of months – I’ve gone by myself so I can clear my head, and just enjoy “being”. It’s WONDERFUL!! I hope to go back at least once more before winter sets in.

  2. Close-ups of dog noses catch the essence of dog-ness more than any other, I think! I admire you hiking up a mountain, and love the photos.

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