Weekly Photo Wunderbar!

My favorite time of the week. Here’s a spunky crab from the Pacific Coast. The Atlantic Coast, where I grew up, is all sandy shores and warm water, perfect for summer vacations beneath big umbrellas. The Pacific Coast in the north, on the other hand, is all rocky and craggy and full of rainclouds and mystique. I love the contrast.

Now, I thought this was a Purple Shore Crab, but this guy’s carapace was easily 2-3 inches longer than that of the average Purple Shore Crab. Any invertebrate geeks out there know what he is? (Look closely and you’ll notice the barnacles growing all over him!)

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  1. Hey,
    I am a first year biology student doing a presentation on the Purple Shore Crab, I am looking for images for my powerpoint presentation and am wondering if you would allow me to use it. All our images are cited and you would be credited with the image.

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