A Pool Turned into a Mecca of Self-Sufficiency

I’m a self-proclaimed dirt-worshipping nature nerd, but alongside the whole ‘save the planet’ mission behind sustainability, I love the kind of innovation that people are capable of when it comes to conserving resources.

This family in Arizona bought a home with an old empty swimming pool and decided to make the best of it. They turned it into a greenhouse, complete with a chicken coop. They grow vegetables, keep chickens for eggs, and they even raise their own tilapia in the pool. This is just the ultimate in recycling, sustainability, and urban homesteading. Makes me want to buy a house with an old, beat up swimming pool. Rock on, Garden Pool people!

Check out the Garden Pool here for more info, photos, and video.

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  1. A great idea. If I had some more space, I would definitely do something like this.

  2. Isn’t this amazing? Such awesome innovation!

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